Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Samhain and Day of The Dead!!!!

Happy Samhain!!!!

It is the time of the Death mother, The Dark Mother, The Shaman, The Priestess, The Handmaiden of The Goddess

Happy Samhain to all my Goddess worshippers, nature worshippers, priests, priestesses, shamans, witches, wizards, pagans, wiccans, and magical folks!

Honoring The Day of The Dead.......
I want to also offer gratitude to all the ancestors who have come before me during this time of The Day of The Dead. Thank you for all your contributions, love, light, encouragement, vision, and dedication. We would not be here without you.

In light and love,

Ten nebula


~Samhain Blessings~

written by

Sanctuary of the Open Heart

This turn of the wheel is a time of celebration and honoring, of preparing and listening. All Hallows Eve welcomes in the gateway to the dark time of the year. We celebrate Summer's End, the harvest, the life we are living and the roads we travel. We dance the spiral of death and rebirth by honoring our ancestors both of blood and spirit, ever seeing ourselves in the great web of unending LIFE...

Listening for allied voices that speak from the universal womb of silence. 

"Through the misty veils of Samhain comes the ancient wisdom of Hecate..."

Hecate, Moon Goddess, Queen of the see what others do not see. You know what the rest of us do not consciously know. Familiar with the process of death and dying as well as that of new birth and new life, goddess Hecate, you are wise in all of earth's mysteries. 

Lover of solitude, wanderer of the Underworld, crone of the crossroads, we seek your luminous will-o-wisp light. With torch and shimmering cloak, guide us into the shadows and ease our fears as we make transitions and prepare for new beginnings, especially ones that were not planned.

Life, death, light, dark, joy, sorrow...bring us closer to your breast, Hecate, Wise Woman. We stand at Samhain's crossroads, a potent season of remembrance. Remembrance of our lineages, our blood-line and spirit ancestors. Remembrance of our spiritual selves and our capacity for transformation...

Samhain opens the spiral pathway. As the veils thin, we dance cheek-to-cheek, intimately and infinitely, with the cycle of death and re-birth. 

The breath is a spiral. Feel into the regenerative spiraling energy as it moves in and out on each breath. Exhale...drop anchor...expand and REMEMBER...

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