Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Anthropocene Standardly Strange Time (AS2T)

We're all living on Anthropocene Standardly Strange Time (AS2T). But our calendars don't get that. 

We (smudge/FOP) want to create a contemporary calendar.  A calendar that tells meaningful stories about the time changes happening all around us.  A deep time calendar that provides relief and wonder for everyday life in the Anthropocene.  

So we launched a Kickstarter campaign and we're calling our project:  Living Deep Time Year 000001.  

Our campaign will run until December 11, 002015.

If our campaign for Living Deep Time Year 000001 succeeds, we will spend the 362.2425 days of 002016 researching and inventing ways to live time on our planet differently—ways that are up to the radical newness of what time means in the Anthropocene.  

And then, we'll use what we experience and learn to make a new calendar called Deep Time Calendar Year 000001.  We'll share it with YOU (and the rest of the world) on Kickstarter in late 002016.  

We have some great rewards for our backers, including original works of art, interactive mail art field dispatches from year-long our process, and complimentary copies of calendar that results from our project.

Here is our tweet for the project: 
smudge will live #DEEPTIME for a year and invent a new calendar for the #Anthropocene Check out #Kickstarter http://kck.st/1PCg05p
Our deepest thanks in advance for sharing the tweet and announcement of our project as you're able! And we hope that you will take a moment of Anthropocene Standardly Strange Time to check out our campaign!

smudge | @geoturn | FOP 
book >> GeologicNow.com
part-time faculty | Parsons School for Design
Kickstarter campaign: Living Deep Time Year 000001

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