Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Truth is.....

The truth is...
that spirit is real
guides, psychic stuff, healing arts, magic is all real
when you become aware of this
you can enrich yourself
you can heal
you can become stronger
you can hold more light and energy

when you do,
many things and many people wants to be closer to you because of it
they want to be near your light
but the truth is everyone has to heal there own stuff
and be a light for themselves

shadow is a teacher
shadow is also a painful place to be
and the truth is that many people live in shadow
because it takes great courage and work to live in the light

we can make a commitment to ourselves, to being authentic,
to be who we are and to following our truthes
we can stay in the shadow and ego

This is the choice we must make.....

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