Monday, April 15, 2013

Ignorance is Bliss!!!!

You have to love the ego
It is amazing to me

how people can know absolutely nothing about a certain topic
ex: shamaniam, psychic protection, reiki,etc
they have never heard of it
they never took a class or workshop in it
they never studied it
they don't really believe in it
and they never read any material about it
but they are so quick to try to tell you
that you know nothing about it
you couldn't actually be into it,  teach it, study it, or practice it

Open up your minds people
and give you egos a rest

I am a certain vibration of being
my work is aligned with a certain vibration
those who are in alignment with it will be drawn to it and use it for their higher good
and those whose energy is lower may not understand it its truth or beauty
they world is bigger than you are
and there may be many things in the world that you are not familiar with (smile)

The more you know (shooting star)

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