Monday, April 29, 2013

My Inner World Creates My Outer World


I know that my inner world creates my outer world
I know that my thoughts, my visions, my beliefs, my intentions, my words, and my energy
will create my future reality
so I am mindful of how I use my personal energy
knowing that where I put my mind & energy will create

I allow myself to be confident, powerful, clear, centered, grounded, and beautiful
I allow myself to ignore & avoid dense, lower energetic people & situations
I focus only on what I love, enjoy, and want
I allow myself to receive the blessings of The Goddess in all its many forms
I know that I am worthy and deserving of much good

I am very excited about what I am creating in this season, for next season, and for this year
I know that what I attract will be equal to the energy I have put out into inner world

I know exactly what I am doing (smile)
and my divine self knows exactly what I am doing
and it all feels quite wonderful

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