Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring Equinox!!!!

Happy Spring Equinox!!!!

Much Apprecation to The Maiden Goddess!!!

If Her skirt does not bend the grass, nor the sea air mold Her shape while She is happy, there is no Grace.
I will not stop looking for that.
Song and color circle in this air for Her to stand in.
If She does not come to take pleasure in this giving,
all things will reverse to alms and penitence.
She is not needed to make this world a success.
Either way the other powers will have their time.
But if spring comes and She is absent, we will eat food without sacrament,
Our hearts not renewed for the other seasons: the one where we give, the one where we are taken, and the season where we are lost in the darkness.
If Love does not reign, we are unsuited for the season of ripeness.
If we do not see Her body in the glass of this beauty, the sun will blind us.
We will lie in the humming fields and call to Her, coaxing Her back.
We will lie pressed close to earth, calling Her name, wondering if it is Her voice we are whispering.


Linda Gregg 1942 The Sacraments of Desire

In this poem, we clearly witness our predicament/opportunity as we now stand at the cross roads named here! It is time to lovingly call to Her, coaxing her back, calling Her devotion, praise and sacred action! How are you offering that gift of devotion to the sacred feminine in your life? What energy are you offering in your being and life to calling Her back? This is an opportunity to look at how you are honoring the Goddess, Gaia, the Divine Feminine, by whatever name. Stop for a moment and ask that question of Self, "How am I honoring the Goddess, Gaia, The Divine Feminine in my being and life at this time?" Without self-recrimination, simply be willing to look at ways you could joyfully offer your devotion to "calling Her back!" What would that look like in your life experience?
For if Love does not reign, we are unsuited for the season of ripeness! Deeply consider what that means. What seed are you ripening in Self or your life, that Her support and sustenance would assist in its flourishing? It is Spring, the season of the ripening of the seed. What seed are you ripening that you would offer in devotion to Her. It is a simple act with great import. Anything can be "done" with the desire and will of your mind/heart. By adding the element of offering whatever that is, with DEVOTION to the larger pattern of Oneness, you are making a huge difference to the collective "season of ripening".
Are you celebrating the natural "acupuncture points" of the Turns of the Seasonal Wheel to amplify that call to Her? These are 8 points of great power to call out to Her in devotion. Use them. Gather in celebration, to further empower re-balancing on the Earth that honors both male and female equally. Spring Equinox approaches. Consider how you might offer yourself in devotion at that time, to add your energy to amplify a return to balance. As the Lady of Communion, I exhort you to make as holy all actions you take. May all actions be taken on behalf of yourself AND the Earth Mother Gaia. For "if spring comes and She is absent, we will eat food without sacrament". Let us make of our lives an ecstatic, sacramental offering, giving thanks for the burgeoning beauty of the season of Spring that is ours to delight and revel in. Carried on the wings of the mantra: San Kalpa...the infinite organizing power of intention, may we celebrate Her rebalancing together now!
In Oneness, The Lady of Communion
(Taken from Sanctuary of The Open Heart Newsletter)

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