Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Winter Solstice, Everyone!!!!!!

Peace and light, Divine Children

Happy Winter Solstice!!!!!!
(Dec 20-23)

I am soo grateful to the Autumn and the death mother.
I am so grateful for all the blessings and lessons it brought me.

The Winter is ruled by the Crone
It works with the principles of wisdom, clarity, and self-reflection.
It is ruled by the element of air which deals with mindfulness and connecting with spirit.

I am looking foward to the winter and all its beautiful gifts.
I hope you will make the solstice great for yourself

For the new season, you may want to clear and clean to make space for the new.
Here are some suggestions:
1. Clean out your closets
2. Give away clothes and items you no longer need
3. Let go of old friends and acquantices that no longer serve your path
4. Clean out those computer files
5. Give your home a cleaning
6. Give yourself a spiritual bath
7. Clean your altars
8. Throw out any old papers, mail or letters
9. Write that letter or email to that person you have been needing to talk to
10. Clean out your email accounts
11. Clean up your office or work space
12. Donate or sell any books you don't use
13. Have a garage sale
14. Clean our your car

Bright Blessings!!!!!!!

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