Monday, December 30, 2013

Being Grateful for 2013...Moving Forward Gladly Into 2014

I am very grateful to and for 2013
I have experienced alot of good in this year
and learned many new lessons
and revisited some old ones
It is all good, It is all The Goddess

In 2013, I say "Thank you, Divine Source" ......
- for my life and my path
- for being a sacred servant to The Goddess
- for all my spiritual family (family & friends)
- to my divine and christ self, my spirit guides, my animal power spirits, my guardian angel, and those etheric being who work personally with me
- for all the loving, healthy relationships in my life
- for my beautiful boyfriend
- for all my work, businesses, and projects (lots of fun!)
- for my lovely home
- to Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA
- for my perfect health and well-being
- for my willingness to heal and clear all aspects of my life and my being
- for all my clients, fans, supporters, visitors, and donors
- for all the support from my community
- for my self-love, my self-trust, my self-respect, my high self-esteem, my self-confidence, my self-acceptance, and my self-appreciation
- for my spiritual growth
- for all my money that I recieve each day
- for all the blessings I recieve each day
- for my daily spiritual practice
- for being powerful and courageous in my truth
- for being bigger than any challenge in my life
- for my beauty, inside and out
- to all my holographic selves (yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!)
- for my divine faith and being able to stretch that faith each day
- to my hometown, New York (I will see you in 2014)
- for the shadow and the ego and all the lessons it teaches me
- for being open to releasing all that no longer serves me in ease, light, love, and spaciousness
- for all the illusions that are leaving my life, right now
- for becoming more of my authentic self each day
- "Thank You" to The Great Mother Goddess who is my Source, Center, and Foundation... you have my back and you are my everything

I am looking forward to starting new in 2014 (big smile)!!!!!!!!
I am looking forward to my new pagan/ Goddess new year that will start soon!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!!!!

And so it is !!!!!

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