Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Great Pedometer - 3D Tri Fit

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a great pedometer I just bought with you.
I am a walker and have enjoyed it for years.
I decided to become ambitious with my daily walking, even though I already attend the gym on the regular basis.
This pedometer is accurate, affordable, and very functional.
I love it!

I want to support more people with becoming more physically fit and using daily walking as a simple tool to get there.

Learn more by visiting

Ten nebula

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  1. I will definitely have to look into this pedometer. I love to walk and hike and have never used a pedometer, but lately I have become interested, because I would love to see how much walking and hiking I am actually doing. I'm down 5 more pounds this month, and I would love to hit my healthy weight in 4 more months, time.

    Verna Hopkins @ Promosaurus Promotional Products