Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Basic Renting of an Apartment or Room Hustle 101 for Beginners

Basic Renting an Apartment & Room Hustle 101
  1. Roommates – How many? Students? Couples? Children? Anyone pregnant?
  2. Transit – Is it close to buses & trains?
  3. Laundry – Is there a w/d on premise? Is there one nearby?
  4. Lease - Is there a lease? Can we create a housing agreement?
  5. Deposits - Any deposits (last month rent)?
  6. Security - Any security deposit (damages)?
  7. Pets – Do they allow pets? Any insurance?
  8. Rent - Does rent include utilities or anything else?
  9. Utilities – What do they offer?
    Is it in the rent or does the bill get divided?
  10. Guest policy – Are there any guest allowed? Overnight guests allowed?
  11. Payment – How do I pay my rent? Check? Paypal? Direct deposit?
  12. Maintenance - Is the house taken care of? Does the owner take care of repairs quickly?
  13. Lock on door – Can I have a lock? Is it the owners lock or your lock? Spare keys?
  14. Parking situation – Is it garage, street, paid, free?
  15. Domestic needs – How close is it to the supermarket/stores/library/Walgreens?
  16. Quiet hours – Is there a cut off time for noise? Is there a senior or small baby?
  17. Long or short term living – Can I live here for a few months or a few years?
  18. Emergency funds –Who can you call on if you need your rent covered?
Things to consider when moving out on your own
  1. Do you have enough in savings (it is ideal to have at least 3 months of salary saved, in case, you lose your job or something else)?
  2. What kind of environment do you want to live in?
  3. Do you have or want a pet?
  4. Do you need a bank account?
  5. Need to hire a moving van or need to rent one?
Be wary of Scams
  1. They are out of town in another city.
  2. You have to drive by the house and not see inside.
  3. You can mail them the money and haven't met them in person.
  4. Get receipts for all payments.

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