Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Spring Equinox (March 20-23)!

Happy Spring Equinox to all beings!

Happy Spring to all my magical people...witches, wizards, healers, priestesses, priests, lightworkers, and nature worshippers!

I offer appreciation to the winter and The Crone!

I offer prayers and blessings to the Spring and trust it will be filled with light, love, health, abundance, joy and goodness.

Ariel's Hotwire Transmission for Spring Equinox 2016 
Turn of the Wheel

I stand ecstatically under the hot shower water in the morning, often in tears of gratitude for the amazing gift that that actually is. Such a precious offering from our Mother, that we take so much for granted, when many of the beings on Earth don't even have clean drinking water, let alone hot showers. 

As we all know, water is the basis for life on this planet. (Earth is fondly known around the galaxy as "The Planet of Waters".) We are literally held by the watery womb of our Mother's oceans and the truth many have forgotten is, we exist here, only by Her grace. As a species which is literally trying to survive, to birth itself into the New Story we are all creating, of cooperation and love, we are deeply connected, not separate from, that watery-womb.

As the Mother would have it in divine timing, a dear friend suggested I read a book called "Change the Story Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth" by David Korten. At first glance I had my regular resistance come up of complete non-interest in anything to do with money or the economy. (I don't even own a TV to avoid being programmed by this insane model). So a few days went by and I got another nudge from guidance to move past my immediate resistance to get this book. I eschew the distorted 3D obsessional focus on money at every turn, so I was perplexed as to why this would even interest me. Well that didn't take long to figure out, as soon as I received the book. It was the perfect compliment, from a linear point of view, concerning changing our story to change our future, as I had written in my latest book from a right brained, non-linear, spiritual point of view,  " Gaia's New DreamCoat: A Faerie Guide to Gaia's Greening." The point of which, was to playfully assist beings in considering the power of affecting those changes and creating that new story, from a planetary, larger lens, morphogenetic, alchemical point of view. 

This New Story asks we humans to change our belief in the current story from one of greed, manipulation, and considering the Earth as something to be plundered, to seeing Her as a LIVING BEING, who rather, needs to be honored and cared for if we are to survive as a species! 

Gaia's New DreamCoat includes stories from all the devic and elemental realms to invite them to guide us in creating this New Story, as they are the subtle realms gurus in this endeavor. (I have included an mp3 recording of one of these new stories from Gaia's New DreamCoat, honoring our Mother Gaia as a Living Being: Pitter Patter, the Water Whisperer. Please enjoy listening to this transmission by clicking the image below!)

As I read David's book, it became clear that if we are to be a part of creating the New Story, our task must be tackled from both the rational/linear and the non-linear, alchemical (from the outside in, and the inside out). 

From a brilliant linear point of view here is a taste of what David Korten has to say about this: 

"We cannot act coherently as a society without a shared framing story. It defines our shared values and priorities, the questions we ask and options we consider. For this reason, no matter how discredited an established story may be, we cling to it in our public discourse until it is replaced by a more compelling story!! Corporate interests repeat and reaffirm the Sacred Money and Markets story at every opportunity.  'Time is money.' They use it as a frame for every news report and political debate. They teach it in our schools. And so long as we keep believing it, it defines our future. In truth, every assertion of this Sacred Money and Markets story is false and grossly misleading. The story is based on bad ethics, bad science and bad economics. We now see the environmental devastation, economic desperation, social alienation and the political corruption this fatally flawed story leaves everywhere in its path....The frame on the New Story is simple: Sacred Life. Living Earth, moving from "Time is money" to "Time is Life." Those who live in service to life, must organize around the articulation and sharing of a compelling, unifying counterstory. We must make the articulation of a Sacred Life and Living Earth story a focal point in all arenas of our lives."

It is so easy to become overwhelmed when we hear of the many desecrations inflicted on the body of the living Earth, to know how to assist in creating the new story of Sacred Life, Living Earth.

We wonder how to find a place to start to make a difference. And so we want to offer you one way to concretely start to create this New Story. At The Sanctuary of the Open Heart, we are making a focus on Womb Water Wisdom this moon of March, and so we want to invite you to honor our Mother's waters by first of all offering more attention and gratitude to the many gifts water brings to our lives. Please consider joining myself and the Sanctuary community in celebrating March 22, as World Water Day. Further, if you want to take concrete action, one of our sisters, Sarah Uma, is spearheading the Sanctuary's effort to get water filters to places that do not have drinkable water through If you feel called, and we hope you will, please view the short video below to see what Waterbearers is doing to make a concrete change for our Mother Gaia's waters! Then, click here to Join the Sanctuary team to get clean water to those on the planet who don't have it.
In order to tune up, align and honor our Mother and make a potent impact on the "acupuncture points" of power on the Solstices and Equinoxes, please come join us in the Bay area, in a playful honoring of Spring Equinox March 19. (Click here to get more information and to RSVP for our community ceremony and gathering.) 

Wherever you are, please take time to honor the balancing of dark and light that this Equinox day represents, and the power of our unified intention to create the New Story of Sacred Life. Living Earth!!

In Deepest Devotion and Love,
Your sister.. ariel spilsbury

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