Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Winter Solstice (Dec. 20-23)!

Winter Solstice

Ruled by The Crone and the number 9.
Beginning of winter. Time of self-reflection, clearing, and solitude. Rebirth of the sun god by The Great Mother.Longest night of the year.  The Great Mother gives birth to the Sun God.

Names: Yule, Saturnalia, Midwinter, Alban Arthan, Finn's Eve, Feast of Sola Invicta [the invincible sun], Modranect, Modranecht, Modresnacht, Mother Night (and, of course, "Christmas"). 


 Rainbow Earth Goddess

(Taken from  Sanctuary of the Open Heart, home of the 13 Moon Mystery School)

Cherished sisters and brothers of The Sanctuary of the Open Heart,

How is your heart this day? The longest dark is upon us, Mother's High Holy Day of Winter Solstice. For some of you, this may be a time of great sadness and release; for others, a time of intense celebration and joy. Very likely, a mix of both...For whenever we consciously choose to enter the shadowy, dark places in our hearts, it is only natural and human to feel grief. Grief for what has been, grief for what has seemingly not been, grief for what has been apparently lost or forgotten. 

Beloveds, let's hold each other close today. We, The Sanctuary of the Open Heart, are a living, global temple of hearts united in Love. It is our deepest desire and highest prayer that you feel connected to the ONE HEART this day and every day...may you feel the power and divine beauty of each other's overflowing hearts.

In this moment, we invite you to take a deep, purifying breath. Hold it in your heart for a moment and FEEL warmth and peace filling the chalice of your heart. From this place of fullness and abundance, the golden light may begin to overflow...pouring over the edges, radiating in all directions, seeking the paths of least resistance, flowing with grace and ease...finding the places where its message of LOVE is needed most. 

Your overflowing heart IS The Sanctuary of the Open Heart. YOU, YOU ARE THE SANCTUARY OF THE OPEN HEART! Our mission as a Sanctuary is to be a community that celebrates together the awakening of humanity to its connectedness in Love! 

Your open heart is all it takes to begin to awaken other hearts.  

Imagine recirculating this love-light...pouring it into every heart on the planet. That is our vision! 

Let us open our hearts to generously support the Sanctuary of the Open Heart, as a hub, a beacon, an open doorway, a heartbeat, sending out the message that we are all intrinsically connected as One! 


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