Saturday, May 2, 2015

Merry Beltane! Merry May!‏

Beltane ~ May 1
Blessed Body, Blessed Earth

Wake up, beautiful one! Open your sleepy eyes. Rise! Turn your face toward the warmth of summer's new dawn. The sky is brightening in the east ~ pink-yellow light fills the horizon as the doves and wild geese take to the skies. The cattle have been released to the wild green pastures, having run through the cleansing flames of the Beltane fires last night, blessing and purifying their bodies from winter's confinement. So, too, have our fertile souls been released from the grip of illusion. 


Rise now, from the heat of Kali's fierce love, which has stripped away untruths and liberated our energy ~ we are READY NOW to harness the endless potential of the revitalized landscape of our consciousness. 

Open, receptive, and free ... this day, we can feel the solar King's promise of the abundance that is to come!

"This inner renewal sprouts forth, fragrant with possibilities and garlanded with the beauty of choice. No longer limited by what was, we have the power to catalyze what can be."

~Jhenah Telyndru, Avalon Within

Firesong(excerpt~author unknown) 

"From feathered flame the fire-bird finds her breath
and leaps to life on wings of liquid gold.
Her sun-dance draws new life from ancient death,
and brings to life a spark from ashes cold.
Come, Sacred Spirit, weave in us your song - 
a melody of sweet celestial fire.
Gift us with wings to speed our journey on;
inflame our hearts, our lives, our dreams inspire."

Beloveds, Beltane season is upon us. As we enter the Light Half of the Year and the sun increases its presence in our lives, let us, too, open our hearts to the life-giving blessings of fire. Spend time in the outdoors. Get outside and let the sun renew your physical energy. Notice the fertility and growth of nature! As the animals and plants increase their activity, may you, too, feel the frenzy of creativity and spiritual energy rise in you!

I breathe in the fire of the sun!
This world is alive, and I am alive with it!
The fire in my heart is a Beltane fire,
A fire raging with passion and purpose!
Today I honor the sun,
And the movement of the earth.
The Earth Mother provides,
And the Sky Father encourages
New life on the land.
This is the moment to remember
I am a living being, interconnected with all life.
I am the tree. I am the river.
I am of the earth, growing into fullness,
Hail, the fire of Beltane!
~Author Unknown

Now, in this season of growing strength, of passion and of the fertility of the approaching summer, it is time to seek new inspiration! How will you tend the fire in your own heart? The fire that inspires your work and your creative life?

We, like the Earth, are passing through a luminal gateway to enter into a new phase of existence. If you've been wanting to bring abundance and new growth of any sort into your life ~ whether you're looking to conceive a child, enjoy fruitfulness in your career or creative endeavors, or just see your garden bloom ~ Beltane is the perfect time for intentional ritual and focus related to any type of prosperity.

May you be cleansed and revitalized this day, dear one! Wash the ash of the Beltane fires away with the purifying dew of this new day. 

Your heart is free, beloved! Free to roam the hills to find the greenest shoots of tender new grass.

Rise! Rise! Feel Love rising in you! Make Love with All of Life. YOU ARE SO DEEPLY LOVED!

May the coming summer months be fruitful and fertile!

Beltane Blessings,  Sanctuary of the Open Heart

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