Saturday, December 27, 2014

Have A Happy New Year and 2015!

Check out Ten Nebula's blog post "Divine Renewal in 2015"

Join us during the holidays to transform your life
with love and peace.
Let us come together to create a more
loving and peaceful future for humanity. 
Join whenever you can, if possible 5 minutes before midnight to 5 minutes afterward.
Listen for your own enjoyment, share with friends,
or play these audio meditations for group gatherings.
Let others know about this opportunity.
Let us encircle the world with divine love and peace!
One of the most important, empowering, and rapid ways to transform our lives and the universe we experience around us is through love. As you live from the heart, you are in harmony with the universe. You are in the flow where things happen more effortlessly. You listen to the still small voice of your heart, guiding you with love in all that you do. As you live from the heart you know that the universe is friendly and always working for you even if you cannot always recognize how. You trust in yourself and listen to your heart as it speaks to you, knowing that you are hearing the voice of your divine Self that is showing you the way of love. When you live from the heart you....


Burning Bowl & Peace Meditation

Visit your local "Center for Spiritual Living" about their burning bowl ceremony and worldwide peace meditation on 12/31 @ 4am



I enter the New Year with Great Expectations. My intentions are set, my practice is in integrity and my heart and mind are open. All is in readiness to embrace the New Year.

- This comes from The Science of Mind Magazine


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