Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thank You to The Summer Season!!!!

I wanted to write and say "Thank you" to the summer season
It is soooooooooo great with all its energy, passion, creativity, and beauty
I give thanks for all the light moving through my life
I give thanks for all I am healing
I give thanks for all that I am releasing that no longer serves me
I am grateful for my health, power, strength, courage, talents, abundance and perserverence

All that I am able to accomplish during this season, I give thanks
Thank you for all the support I receive from the physical and spiritual planes
the earth, nature, my personal family, and my guides

Life is a blessing!!!

I choose to receive my blessings!
I choose to be present for my good!!
I choose to be my best self, everyday!!!

Thank you to The Goddess who rules the summer!!!!

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