Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day's!!!!!

My Vision for humnaity
I am a person who believes that a person, nation, or people can evolve and release old negative habits that no longer serve them and replace those habits with higher vibrational ones.

I would love to see our human race evolve to the place of being where war is not needed. I want peace for the planet and for everyone to honor each other's diversity and resources. There is always a better way, if we will align with a higher will. We can always start with peace in our own bodies, minds and in our own lives.

My blessing to all those who have been involved in war
I want to send light, love and healing to all people on the globe (past/present/future) who have ever been in war. To all those who have died in war, all the veterans, their families, all the natives/people/refugees who have lived amongst war, and all those who have help to plan these wars. May we learn from our past and have a  brighter future!!!

The Divine Truth
Higher vibrational minds have higher vibrational means to solve any and all situations.

Happy Memorial day!!!!!!

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