Sunday, January 19, 2014

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King and His Day!!!!!!!

I want to give thanks for Dr. King who made such an amazing cotribution to us while he was on the planet. Thank you for his courage, focus, love and determination. The world is richer because of people like him.

I also want to thank all those amazing beings who take the tough road that is travelled by very few but is needed in order for us to evolve as a whole....whether it deals with race, gender, religion, class, spirituality, politics, education, etc. Someone must always go first.

I also want to applaud all the awesome black men (past, present, and future) who are making the world better each day. It is always great to see black men who are intelligent, healthy, take care of their body, focused, honoring themselves,  healing their lives, giving back to the whole, and living in the light. You are valuable and precious!!!!!!!!

Thank You!!!!!
Thank You!!!!!
Thank You!!!!!!

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