Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Growth Spurts.....Soul Evolution in Autumn

Have you noticed that you're feeling some waves of uncertainty moving through your mind and body? Let's just call all of this, growth spurts. With each step in your process of evolution, there's a death of old ways, moving into a birth of something new. 

You're in transition with old paradigms dissolved, looking for familiar references to leap from, for new ways of being. Some may feel excited about possible new opportunities, and you may feel you're suffering trying to feel comforted by outdated memories and old limiting patterns of behavior.

It seems confusing and you might feel unclear of what you even want anymore, and still not sure what has even changed. You must live in the moment and trust that your soul knows the way. Although things seem open ended, have faith and trust in letting go of attachments to the past. Allow yourself to be directed to new goals that will serve you more efficiently. Your soul has all answers to questions arising, so be more introspective during the winter months to receive proper guidance from within. Allow for heightened states of awareness, while simultaneously clearing through depths of past confusion. Your life will unfold, so enjoy the ups, downs and spinning around only to find that you'll be placed exactly where you need to be.

Light & Love,
Jodi Serota

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