Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Special Thanks & Blessing to the spirit of "Amorah Quan Yin"

Amorah Quan Yin was a psychic healer, channeler, writer and founder of teh Dolphin star Temple Mystery school. She did wonders while on the planet. She died in June 2013.
Her work helped many of us light and love workers to find our path and to heal ourselves.
I am very grateful that I have had the chance to use her work and be in communication with her while she was here on the planet. Thank You, Amorah!!!

Thank you to all the amazing healers, psychics, shamans, metaphysicians, witches, mediums, channelers, Buddhas, ascended masters, wizards, spiritual leaders and Bodhisattvas who worked with light, love, and the divine will while existing on the planet and have left us great teachings & examples!!!!!!!!

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