Friday, June 7, 2013

Honoring The Sacred Self!!!!!

I put myself first in my life
I follow my truth
I stick to my center
I am rewarded with light and abundance

I honor my sacred self
I give my energy to what serves me
I share my energy with those I love
and I focus on what I want

because I am bright
I may attract jealously
I may attract negativity from people who feel smaller than me
I may attract toxic people who want to be near my light
I may attract lies from lower vibrational people who want me to be like them
because misery likes company
I may become the center of attention for dense beings who are thirsty for energy and light
I may attract toxic people who obsess over me because their lives are filled with meaningless activities and they want to feel like their lives have more meaning or value

but because I am so bright
I attract goodness
I attract kindness
I attract positive opportunities
I attract great health
I attract divine prosperity
I attract healthy, loving relationships
I attract divine ideas
I attract high vibrational people
I attract divine guidance
I attract power
I attract safety
I attract strength
I attract grace and harmony

To all the light and loveworkers....
remember that it is still Spring Season
and you can still do spring cleaning in your life

Clear out all those lower vibrational people in and around your life
don't waste your time, energy, or power on them
don't argue, pay attention, energize or try to change them
(only act if spirit calls you to)
let them be

lower vibrational people seek energy, power, light, attention from others
when they really just need to focus on healing their own lives and issues
but they will get around to that when they develop that bravery within themselves

Keep your light for yourself and share it only with those who will respect it

Honor your sacred self!!!!


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