Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Beautiful New Season

How great it is to awake each day
to focus on what I love and want
to see the good
to be who I am
to allow myself to be led by spirit

How great it is to follow my heart
to work each day on making my dreams come true
to make myself my own boss
my own authority

When I come across toxic people
who don't respect or love themselves enough
it allows me to practice my compassion and detachment
it allows me to come back to my spiritual practice
it allows me to see how big and spacious I am as a spiritual being
it allows me to see my own mindfulness and kindness
Thank You Divine Source!!!!!

We all can chose how we want to live our lives....
I chose to live my life from a place of trust, light, health, beauty, clarity, power, and happiness


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