Thursday, January 24, 2013

There is Alot of Jealously Around Me

I create my own reality
and my path is my path
it is amazing how much jealously
I attract from lower vibartional people

I am not responsible for other people
I do my part to bring light and positivity to the whole each day
I do my part to heal and clear myself which affects the whole as well
I make my relationship with myself & The Divine Source my top priority

Lower vibational people think I am their center
They become jealous of me, my confidence, my beauty, my work,
my energy and my path
They become groupies, stalkers, haters, etc.
as a way to try and connect with me and my light
They are looking for energy and power
They want to feel better, want me to fix them or heal them on some level

They become soooooooo obsessed with me
Gossiping, lying, condemning, judging, competing with me
All out of jealously
I already know it all stems from jealously
It always does

Many of you lower vibrational beings
who are obsessed with me and spending most of your day focused on me in negative ways
Need to be willing to deal with your own fears, insecurities, shortcomings, and lives
I am not the reason you are so unhappy
You are responsible for yourselves
You created whatever problems you have in your life
and someone outside of you can't give you what you are looking for...
self-love, self-respect, confidence, joy, security, inner beauty, peace and well-being

I am obligated & responsible to myself
My life is my own
I will walk my path no matter what
and allow my light to shine

Love and light,
Ten Nebula (smile)

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